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SIGHTS by nemoorange SIGHTS by nemoorange
Sights Into Ghosts Holding Their Smiles

My 6th official pack, featuring the return of super-slick Nemo visualizations. 23 presets in all, every one made with love & care.

Comments & suggestions are very much encouraged. I'm still working on these for the Winamp site release.
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aoritsukai Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2004
Amazing how I stumbled onto such beauty from a link left in Zen-X's AVS that came prepackaged with Winamp.. I never noticed it untill today.

You should thank him, it was his DevART link, and his favorite linking to you that lead me here.. Or better yet. I should thank him myself, given he was still around.

I cried ;)
sincerelyjane Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2003   Photographer
your work is so free flowing, its out there with no rules or guidelines and making an awe to eyes. absolutely rad.
ishan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2003
hehe truely amazing pack!
el-vis Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2003
I really love the stylish ones in here like Marble Crayons, Gameboard and Tri-Elemental. Euphoria Smokes and Dreamt a Path are some another favs. Pepsi Cola is also an extreme stylish preset and put together well but I am not too fond of using company logos. Overall a well done pack. I am not so shure about Chance Of Clouds which lacks a little detail and variation and Farewell Angelina which is a little too static.
zen-x Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
What you say in chemistry is true, horah for more visualisation but hisss for WMP...

I like this pack, especially into the web, but I have to say overall the last pack you released was more to my taste, there are some stand out presets in this one though like honeyhive and dream a path... superb.


lolly Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003
Very very nice. I'm running through them right now.
userkaft Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2003
Very good work I am unintelligent and resort to petty name calling to get my point across
zuku Featured By Owner May 25, 2003  Student
I think you have some serious progress on the technical stuff. That + nemo's guarenteed style makes a great pack allthrough.I really liked euphoriac smokes &
the one with the little windows everywhere (was that exibit?) :) (Smile) granted, this is your best pack so far, and that's something ;) (Wink) keep on evolving man
pyramide Featured By Owner May 23, 2003
This just rocks!!!
pak-9 Featured By Owner May 19, 2003
Must go home.... watch avs's :O (Eek)
admin-sever15 Featured By Owner May 18, 2003
Holy crap. You are quite an amazing artist. "chance of clouds" is amazing, even if it isn't too responsive, and "Exibit" is very stylish and quite impressive. I like "Tropicali" and "Shenandoah" for there r3espective feels, and the fact that you included both "Coca-Cola" and "Pepsi Cola." Great job, its a great pack.
tonic Featured By Owner May 14, 2003
best pack in this days
david11 Featured By Owner May 9, 2003
Stunning pack!
Very nice original and flowing presets!
I really love the one called Euphoria Smokes, very nice colors and flowing and blending and everything.

I haven't commented a lot on Avs recently, but this deserves a favourite.. so +fav

skupers Featured By Owner May 9, 2003
Sorry for the late comment. It's an amazing pack, especially because it was made quite fast. The colors and design were really cool, the technique could a bit better, but I think that'll only take away from the style. The presets were also very original. Some effects have never been seen before. My favouriters were: Chance of Clouds, Dreamt a Path, Euphoria Smokes (amazing flow ;) (Wink) ), Gameboard, If These Walls Could Talk and Tri-Elemental (even better than the original).
peepingdan Featured By Owner May 7, 2003   Digital Artist
It has to be your use of colors. That has to explain it...
moltarx Featured By Owner May 7, 2003
I have to say, im really impressed with these presets, all very original, and eye-candyish :) (Smile)
ezekiel-chaos Featured By Owner May 6, 2003
Like Pollock - Seemingly like some alien river. Very smooth and very relaxing..

Chemistry - Very ambient, and works wonders with 3D glasses 8D

Coca-Cola / Pepsi Cola - You know, with work this good, you might as well get paid for it. "Advertising is a growing industry." I'm sure something like this will appear in television sometime, you might as well be the one who makes it look good.

Dreamt a Path - My favorite of this pack. Creative, active, and beautiful.

Euphoria Smokers - This looks good with or without any influences. Very innovated, and the smoke affects are awesome.

Exhibit - Very stylish, indeed. Frame appearance is a little too rapid, for the amount of various frames there are, but I guess the osc action wouldn't be affective at all. Still a very good AVS.

Chance of Clouds - Pretty, and nothing wrong with sky or clouds. However, this avs doesn't respond very well.

Marble Crayons - ... wow.... with twenty o's and fourty w's...

The BluePrints Speak - by far pretty damn good.

The rest of the pack that I have not mention is not unlike the rest of the pack. Just as great and very awesome.
maxpudding Featured By Owner May 6, 2003
Goodness me, this pack is NemoISH! Good pack, well done nemo! I love your style man, simple yet amazing! =D (Big Grin)
fsk Featured By Owner May 5, 2003
Kick ass pack. My favs are : if this walls could talk, marble crayons (really cool), the blueprint speaks.
Most of these are going to my "Club playlist", if you don't mind :) (Smile) .
doggydog231286 Featured By Owner May 4, 2003
I like this one :) (Smile) .
trichomonas Featured By Owner May 3, 2003

Congrats you created 23 awesome presets... I liked them all
And good luck with your final exams... I'm sure you're very anxious to get over them and get home... make another wonderful pack for us this summer. j/k.

Chance of Clouds~ Cartoon Clouds!!!!! I wanna be 10 again... all you need is a cartoon bird flying through the clouds... like.... Tweetie bird... hehe.

Chemistry~hmmm... it looks cool and it's really beat responsive.

Coca-Cola~ I'm not a coke kinda person... but this was a really cool idea, and it turned out really well.

Pepsi Cola~ #4 of my favorites...

Euphoria smokes! Haha I love it! this is my #1 favorite.

Exhibit~ is my #5 favorite

Farewell Angelina~ this is one is really amusing.... I kept imagining what it would look like in red.... I was thinking along the lines of a Target commercial or something.

Honeyhive~ it's really cool since there are no bees... cuz you know I'm terrified of bees.

IF walls could talk~ hmmm walls of fire? cuz it really reminds me of fire.

PLay it Cool... those are really pretty shades of blue and green.

SIGHTS~ ha... you really should go into graphic design or computer graphics... or whatever hell it's called.

THe blueprint speaks~ this is hot... I like it as much as euphoria smokes. I like the colors a lot it just gets in your face and you can't look at anything else. (#2 fav)

Tropicali~ (#3 fav) The design it really pretty... the title fits it well adn the colors go really well with it. I like how you have the design in white over the other layers that are colored...

Turn on the Soft Light~ again this really gets in your face... nice bright colors and it is really responsive... I like it... you just had to use hypnotic circles didn't you!?!!

Wished a City~ very cute... fits well with the theme of the pack.

Great job Nemo...

nixa Featured By Owner May 3, 2003
thats something I can stare at for days :) (Smile)
Great design and style in all of the presets but i liked Dreamt a Path, Euphoria smokes, Marble crayons, Play it cool and Exhibit the best
vanish Featured By Owner May 1, 2003
OH,Fuck that shit!!!ITS SO COOL!!!!!!!!+FAV.....EXCELLENT....
evilrice Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Oh, and I really like the screen shot too!
evilrice Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Ok, I lost this comment twice now, so this is going to be ver abridged cause I'm sick of typing and losing things! (sorry) Well done, some excellent conceptual work especially because you say you've developed theory to fabrication skills. My only beef is some get a bit monotonous and could you a bit of DM variation, even if it is very spread out, timing wise, directional changes (play it cool, chance of clouds, chemistry). Faves: Dreamt a Path, If these walls could talk, play it cool, Exhibit, farewell angelina.

A fave for the visuals and composition, but just barely due to lack of potential enjoyment from a time-longevity stand point ;) (Wink)

And yes, funky funky, I'm a beat junkie!
jay-fatboy Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2003

Pleasing pack, Nemo, very pleasing. Starting, it actully really reminded me of the video for Cassius 99 - Sound of violence - so wicked and strange and at the same time... beautiful and attractive. And like you said - a bit away from the last works. More the the beggining, when the dreamy Nemo style was not as developed and pink was not so content. Well not Slumberland, but strangely to me as now resee them, i think that this pack has some of the dark feelings from Somner Illiciad and SFI, however made with softer colours and slick look... Can't describe it... It's like seeing all these shiny colours and yet feel scared from their forms... Gotta see them when find some time to This is your brain; This is drugs; This is your brain on drugs! -lize myself... Great Pack, Nemo, very mind influencive (no such word).
Got one suggestion, tho - for the pepsi preset - the alpha for the main pepsimark is too big and that gray doesn't look really ok. My idea is to change to alpha=( (Sad) d*d-.1)*5 and then to reduce the Grid Size to 6x6. That way the gray arial will be mucho smaller and therefore not as annoying.
duo Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
amazing, very nice job on all of these. +fav :) (Smile)
fabritious Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
What can I say, my eyes damn pleased for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fab :-) (Smile)
jaak Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003

...nothing more to say
runar Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
Wow, great pack! Maybe your best work ever. Marble Crayon was my favorite preset I think, but almost every preset in this pack is good.

degnic Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
Now THIS is an AVS pack with extra large 'A' letter ! There were couple abstract presets that weren't for my taste, but rest of the pack.... Just mindblowing...

I'll give you a detailed comment later, now you just have do deal with the +fav ;) (Wink)
tuggummi Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2003
Well after viewing them with a proper machine i can tell you that these are some excellent nemo-slick presets you have here :) (Smile)

Everything you do is new & fresh and also wicked cool in terms of design. That brings me to the other wonderful thing about this pack which is: FPS! I can't believe how fast the presets work even tho they look so good, smooth & perfect. You really did an amazing job here Nemoorange, by far the best work from you ever Clap

On the terms of helping you out on these even more i couldn't find anything radical that would make much of a difference... Tho i made one note, in the preset Marble Crayons you say you have to replace the code with another code line, well they are both the same code lines in the comment and in the dm ;) (Wink)

Excellent work here! Worship

stardust Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2003
Wow, these are really great sights :) (Smile) I really dig your style and color work. My favs are Euphoria Smokes and Marble Crayons.

da16x Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
- WoW OMG!

- +fav
unconed Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2003
Mindblowingly amazing :up:

Marble Crayons is wicked and hypnotic, it really dances... my favourite kind of presets. I can understand your college buddies' comments :) (Smile) .
Exhibit is very stylish (reminds me of El-vis' old Living in a box preset)...
And I don't think the beehive idea has been done before, even though it's pretty easy to make as you demonstrated.

The only ones I didn't really like were Shenandoah, Evaporate and Gameboard, but the rest more than makes up for that.

By the way, I noticed an absence of Color Map APE (mine) and Convolution APE (Tom Holden). Combined, they make one hell of an AVS upgrade, and allow you to merge several Fast Brightnesses, Unique Tones and Blurs into one/two fast components... for example the whole outer part of your 'Like Pollock' preset could be combined into 2 convolutions and a colormap, which would probably make the preset 30-40% faster.
Is there any reason why you're not using them?

yathosho Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2003
dont know where to start. forgive me if i limit my comment to EXCELLENT.
tuggummi Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2003
Well i could give this a proper comment right now, but these babies look so awesome that they deserve to be taken home and viewed with a proper machine (rather than with this 350mhz celeron) ;) (Wink)

What i can say now is that this is definetly your best work so far by the looks if it.
horse-fly Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2003
Thumbs Up excellentThumbs Up
zamuz Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2003   Digital Artist
man you really have style. this pack is truly amazing, every single preset has it's own flavor, but in all of them i can see the nemo factor. my favorites are 'chance of clouds' (i love these super mario-like fluffy clouds) and 'exhibit' (really original and stylish).

amazing work! keep it up. +fav
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